Sodexo Harry Potter

Sodexo has set the end of 2015 to organize for his employees a Christmas Party different from the classic ones. Experience was intended to be a memorable one by which to celebrate the results of the year that was to end and provide extra energy for the challenges of the new one. This Christmas Party was meant to be one full of optimism, positive messages, in which every employee to have some magic.

Crafting the space

Our team was responsible with the event hall decoration according with the theme – Harry Potter – and the production of materials necessary to reconstruct the atmosphere of the film that was the basis of the party. We managed to bring the entire atmosphere using creative room and tables decorations, props for participants and entertainment moments. We have transformed the room to became the big hall of Hogwarts castle by placing floating candles hanging from the ceiling, a large Christmas tree on the scene decorated accordingly, balloons personalized with owls, a magic potions corner and a large image projected in background. The tables were decorated in a similar manner: flower arrangements with witch hats and brooms, pot candle holders, personalized menus for witches and different witch hats for each participant. The food buffer was creatively designed according with the theme highlighting various forms: witch hats, brooms, owls. The evening was completed with a magical moment performed by a well-known Romanian magician.

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