Veeam Project

Veeam is a global IT company that decided to enter on the Romanian market in 2015. Veeam’s main objective is to build the operational team in Romania.

Project description

Veeam appointed APT in order to fill in these positions.
Currently, APT is developing and implementing branding communications campaign to promote Veeam and also is in charge with the selection & recruitment processes.
APT implemented already several online campaigns (examples on the following pages). For the general campaign we used this headline: “We build your professionals team in Bucharest”.
The creatives were designed in order to encourage the candidates to apply for opened positions by showing them how simple this can be:
- You heard about the job
- Go online and apply
- Cross your fingers to be invited for interview


Dedicated web page for this project hosted on platform
- Facebook campaign including posts in all relevant engineering groups on Facebook
- Infographics with relevant data posted on line and in campaign

Target audiences

2 levels:
- Marketing specialists with very good technical skills and English language
- Sales support specialists with very good technical skills and English language

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