Medicarom Project

Medicarom Group was founded as a result of the desire to contribute to the development and promoting high quality products on the Romanian market, a fact which would eventually lead to the improvement of the population health state.

Project description
The main goal of company is to implement new informatics integrated systems in medical units all over Romania. Such system is IQ Pacs software, an integrated RIS and PACS system for the management of patients’ data and radiological images in radiology departments and centers. Medicarom assigned APT to organize a launching event for the product targeting national public health institutions (large hospitals with radiology departments).
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Communication assignments
  • Marketing communications
  • Event management services
Target audiences
  • Representatives from national public health institutions
  • A successful event held in General Hospital of Bucharest that attracted 100 attendees and generated good press coverage (more than 10 articles in central press).