AVIVA Project

Aviva’s wanted to provide necessary but simple low cost life insurance to marginalized communities who were not currently given access to protection from a life insurance industry focused only on the urban population. Aviva’s brand build slogan was be ‘build a better tomorrow’. This value proposition expresses Aviva’s desire to support the communities within which Aviva operates by improving Romanian’s financial futures through it’s products.

Project description
Aviva has partnered with the charity Habitat for Humanity (HFH) to blitz build as many homes for the poor as possible within just a five day period. In Romania, HFH and local authorities assisted more then 450 families in need of shelter. Aviva teams from 3 continents (Hong Kong, Turkey, England, USA and Romania) joined their forces and volunteered for this large project. There were built 5 houses within 5 days with a work force of over 100 volunteers.
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Communication assignments
  • Press conference in Cluj in partnership with Local City hall and County Council
  • Daily press releases during the blitz build
  • Press meetings
  • Interviews
Target audiences
  • Local community and officials
  • Mass media
  • General public
  • more than 40 articles
  • 11 TV reportages